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Since this examination is a National examination, intended to select students to represent the country at the international level, it will be open to all students who are Trinidad and Tobago Citizens as defined by the Ministry of Education.

All students who are undertaking Chemistry, and who have not begun Tertiary Level Education, can register for the competition.

Student registration fee:

Each student wishing to compete in the TTCO will be asked to contribute a registration fee of $100 TTD. This will assist in:

(i) Preparation of the National Selection Examinations, and their subsequent assessment.

(ii) Funding of the prizes

(iii) Facilitation of the two-week training camp.

(iv) Covering the costs associated with sending a team (Flight, Accommodation, Registration Fee) to participate in the International Chemistry Olympiad.

For those students who are unable to afford this fee, applications for waiver can be made on their behalf by their School.


Each School must fill out the Registration form and e-mail to

Payment must be made to:

The Secretariat of the TTCHO,

Office of The Dean, Faculty of Science and Technology,

The University of the West Indies

St. Augustine

Trinidad and Tobago.

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